Flexible working hours

We value your time

We know very well how important it is to devote time and attention to our passions outside work to recharge, travel, take care of personal things or spend quality time with family and friends: for this reason, we give our employees the opportunity to start and end the working day with flexible working hours, to schedule work permits with your manager, and to define vacation time respecting the needs of all team members.

Work environment

Security and safety

Your safety is our top priority: working in a safe and healthy environment improves your focus and well-being. We always take great care in the preparation of your work station, ensuring proper layout of your chair and desk, correct monitor placement, clear and well-marked escape routes, and many other important details that ensure your well-being in the workplace.


Team building

We are very competitive, and we like to organize internal company contests every so often to test our sport skills (running, volleyball, football, bowling, etc.) as well as our creative abilities (photo contests that allow us to unleash our creativity). We also never shy away from organizing social gatherings: our corporate parties (the Christmas one is epic, we even have our own band performing live), dinners, happy hours and pizza nights are always on point!

People of Centro Software

We put a face to our name!

Our testimonials about work, anecdotes or fun facts show that ours is a young and dynamic reality.
Collaboration and professionalism go hand in hand in a working environment that always gives importance to people and their professional and personal growth.

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What really counts

Our values

Centro Software strives to be a moral community, based on principle of mutual respect and loyalty, in order to make people feel appreciated and allow them to achieve their goals and ambitions within a business path in which the company has chosen to operate.


Honesty and respect for one’s work and for colleagues are essential and indispensable values


Taking charge of both success and failures to grow and getting rid of alibis


Fueling “generous” exchanges in the company to improve team work


Energy and courage to transform goals into ambitious results


“Ingenuity is seeing possibilities where others do not” (E.Mattei): ingenuity at work allows you to overcome all challenges while growing personally and professionally.

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